Hair Growth Pills Shampoo 2016

5 Top Hair Growth Products 2016 : Pill and Shampoo etc

Hair loss is a common problem in both men and women globally. People have struggled to treat this disorder in their daily lives and have succeeded. Different modes have been used with an aim of regaining lost hair. The use of hair growth pills is one of the successful method that has proved to bring remarkable results in hair regrowth.

Hair loss in men and women is brought about by a condition known as Cicatrical alopecia. This is a rare disorder that is characterized by destruction of the hair follicle and later a scar tissue replacing it. This later leads to permanent hair loss in both men and women regardless of their age.

Hair growth products treat hair loss

Different hair growth pills and shampoos have been developed to treat this condition. Some of these hair products are supplement pills that contain vitamins that boost quick hair growth.

Hairfinity supplement pill


Hairfinity is one of the supplement pills used to boost hair growth. it contains essential vitamins and other nutrients like the Capilsana complex. The Capilsana complex is the nutrient responsible for shinier and longer hair for a period of thirty days. The Hairfinity pills are comprised of natural dietary supplements that have been formulated essential vitamins.

Hairfinity is a trusted product used across the globe by both men and women and has proven to give remarkable results in quality and quantity hair growth.

Viviscal tablets and shampoo

is also another unique and globally used hair product that is in form of pills. Viviscal is known to treat hair making it dense, shiny, strong and healthy. The secret of Viviscal is that it contains a unique marine complex which provides essential nutrients. These essential nutrients are important for the stimulation and growth of the hair.


This product comes in tablet form and one is advised to take two tablets a day for six months. The person under this medication is also advised to take a healthy diet and use hair products that promote healthy hair growth.

While using Viviscal tablets it is also advisable to use the Viviscal hair shampoo. This is not an ordinary shampoo because it contributes to strong and healthy hair by ensuring that the scalp is well hydrated.

Ecophene fortifying shampoo


Ecophene Fortifying Shampoo is a widely used shampoo that has also been used for the treatment of hair loss. This type of shampoo is mostly used for thin and fragile hair that damaged and prone to fall.

it acts as a moisturizer for the hair leading to a shiny dense healthier hair.

This shampoo has the ability to strengthen the keratin leading to stimulation of hair growth. This shampoo also comes in handy as it contains proteins that help in nourishing and restructuring the vast capillary tissues.

Ecophene also come in tablet form. However a precautionary measure is taken for expectant mothers with hypertension or diabetes, in that a maximum of one tablet should be taken a day. Ecophene fortifying shampoo and tablets come in different sizes and quantities making it economical.

Natrol biotin hair growth pills

Natrol biotin pillsNatrol biotin hair growth pills is another amazing product that was developed specifically for the treatment of hair loss. This product supports the production of cellular energy which is caused by a B-complex that is water soluble.

These tablets contain 10,000 mcg Biotin making them stronger than any other Biotin tablets in the market. This quality makes this product very effective in treatment of hair loss. Though this product is considered the most effective in treatment in a short period it has side effects.

it is advised to be careful while using this product as it may result to acne due to the large doses of biotin. More information on the dosage and price of this product can be found in online shopping websites.

Noukrin shampoo and scalp cleanser

Noukrin shampoo and scalp cleanser is a product that kill two birds with one stone. This shampoo has a unique feature of boosting hair growth and protects the scalp. This shampoo ensures a gentle and thorough cleansing of the hair and scalp, this helps in the stimulation of the growth of healthy hair.

There are numerous brands of shampoos and pills that promote growth and treat hair loss disorders globally. However, it is advised that before using any product one should consult a health practitioner for the right product to use.

it is also important to know that overdose and abuse of hair growth pills can cause adverse effects on a person’s body. Hair growth pills and shampoos should be used in the correct manner and amounts. Like they say your health is your wealth.